Thursday, July 23

Moving on

So, where the hell have I been? Still in London ... but life has changed.

Not sure why, still figuring out. Maybe approaching mid-life crisis soon.

Damn, I thought I was still a teenager couple of years ago.

I watched this 10 times already - so I'll like to share it with you. Enjoy. Watch in HD and click on full screen.

Thursday, May 14

Out with the horses

Ok, so it's been 2 weeks since I returned to the UK after being out in Singapore for almost 5 half months! Mine - how time flies! I still remember the day Joshua and Angeline came to pick me up at the airport on Nov 17th ... and now, 6 months + later, I am back in the UK.

So another chapter begins, and admitedly, it's not AS exciting as the first time I came here in autumn 2007. It's not that long ago - many others hv been here for years - but maybe I am getting bored of UK already. 

But generally I do enjoy it - it's perhaps I am not living my previous lifestyle like I did before I left for Singapore. All I do now it go to work, work, and come back from work. 3 hours of travel time everyday. Well, at least it's more or less rent free (though I still hv to foot the expenses) since Clement has been so kind. =p

I guess I am still in the stage of settling in and soon, should be back to my schedule of musicals, operas, concert, parties and organising 'plussixfive' in no time.

In fact, what I wanted to do with this post was to keep track of all the events I am and was thinking of attending till the end of the year. So, maybe you might come along with me. See here.

Monday, March 2

Aiming for the top 50%

This is something previously written by the editor of a famous DJ magazine from UK.

'The London DJ circuit is tough cookie to crack. There are about 6 million wannabe DJs – 90% armed with their latest HMV recommendations and regular Monday night slots at faux-American theme bars and cardboard Gastro pubs, 10% who actually have a clue. Because making it in London is not just about talent or how upfront your record collection is, it’s about having the right personality and knowing how to make your own luck. '

When can I be part of at least the first 50%?? I just want to be armed with the latest HMV recommendations!! =p

Oh btw, check out my latest mix at Stellar Music Podcast []

Sunday, March 1

Performing at Supperclub

Thanks to all of you who came down to jiggle at supperclub singapore! A bit dark here but you get the idea!

Monday, February 16

More Feel-Good TVCs

Next time when you grow old, please wear diapers ...

No subtitles but you get the idea ...